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Satellite Vu aids Green Recovery

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

Satellite Vu developing high-resolution thermal satellite service to support a green economic recovery

Unique infrared earth observation satellites will deliver unprecedented resolution and re-visit times, day or night to identify those dwellings that leak the most energy.

London 13 July 2020: Pioneering NewSpace company, Satellite Vu, is preparing to provide a disruptive service to those who tackle critical global issues. Earth observation has become a key part of environmental monitoring, and Satellite Vu is poised to transform this market through the construction and launch of unique and ground-breaking satellites that will deliver infrared imaging with frequent re-visit times, both day and night.

Rishi Sunak, The Chancellor, announced on Wednesday 8 July, £3bn of energy efficiency measures towards a new green homes grant and for insulating public buildings. The measures are aimed at helping the UK meet its 2050 target for net zero carbon emissions. Satellite Vu has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd (SSTL) to develop the infrared imaging space technologies for the constellation. The infrared thermal measurements can be used to identify which buildings are emitting the most heat and that might be candidates for energy efficiency measures. “This ground breaking and timely technology will for the first time allow government and the public to make better and informed decisions on which buildings are a priority to upgrade.” said Anthony Baker CEO of Satellite Vu. “Satellite Vu is open to collaborating with end users to develop specific trials to demonstrate the power and capability of this new data in advance of a future satellite launch.”

Phil Brownnett, Managing Director of SSTL, said “SSTL is innovating at the forefront of space technologies in the UK and we are very pleased to be working with Satellite Vu on this exciting new mission.”

The data from the thermal imaging systems will have multiple uses both commercially and for good causes, especially environmental. We have all felt Urban Heat Islands (UHIs) when the city temperature is higher than the rural areas. The UHIs can be limited to a city block or extend over larger districts, and high resolution infrared satellite imaging has the capability to detect the location of heat islands in every city on a national scale at better than postcode resolution. The presence of heat islands exacerbates the heat stress suffered by the most vulnerable especially during lockdown when confined to one location.

SatelliteVu PR July 2020
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